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We talk of quality. Theoretically its well accepted idea. But when it comes to reality, practical problems negate the goodness of quality. If failed to deliver a quality job, it’s easy to impose on adverse behaviour of time. But time has its own rules that no- body can rule over. Solution to it lies inside our determination and effort.

Thankfully we are not over ruling this theory. Our determination and approach in delivering quality services in construction and development scheme has given us our name. We have already registered successful completion of more than four lakh square feet of quality housing construction in our name withen last five years.

Every time we have proved our commitments. We are thankful to our clients for providing us the opportunity to cater our service to them. We are also thankful to you for giving your most valuable time with us.

About Us

Multidimensional expansion of urbanization, a space for comfort living and people’s choice of getting fitted in this environment have collectively created an elementary stance for engineering and architecture in the process of transformation. The access of engineering into this environment and its contribution in this contemporary social development has been catering all luxury to the urban life. And we are fortunate to be the proud participant in this journey.

Yes, we are talking about our legacy of engineering and our responsibility of reinforcing the sensible social dreams and ideas in the safest possible way. Peoples reliance on our basics, our honest approach to meet their demand and its several repetitions over a decade have been resulting so many mighty bench marks in the construction industry across the templecity. Our committed and dedicated effort as a developer with assurance of “quality at its best” tagged to our name has given us a special identity. A magical trust of everybody, its integral homes pvt. Ltd. Not just engineers and builders, we are a concrete platform of your confidence.

To contribute maximum possible effort for today in building a secure world for tomorrow.
Honest approach in providing quality service.
Paying all respect to the demands of each client.
Providing eco-friendly life style to the society that our logo suggests.
Justifying our presence in this developmental journey.

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